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Ringtones! Make your own!

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Yes.  You’ve heard something awesome and you want it to be your ringtone.  YES!  Me, too!

Here’s how I have done it:

I’ve used Audacity to record things off the web.  You can download Audacity here:



Record your soundfile with Audacity.

Export the selection (not more than 30 sec) and save as type:  “M4A (AAC) Files (FFmpeg)”  The file will want to save as .m4a.

Change the filename to whatever you want and the file extension from .m4a to .m4r.

Bring up iTunes

Plug in your iPhone.  It should show up in iTunes as a device “admin’s iPhone” or similar.

Find your exported Audacity file in Windows explorer.

Right-click on it and select “copy”

Go to iTunes under your device.  Right-click “admin’s iPhone” and select “Paste”

It should now be in the “tones” section as an available ringtone.



Record your soundfile with Audacity.

Plug in your Android phone.  It *should* show up in your Windows computer file explorer browser as “Pixel” or “Samsung” or whatever.  Drill down into that filesystem!

On my phone here’s the path:

This PC\Pixel 2 XL\Internal shared storage\Ringtones\storage-0

Yes, you’re looking for a folder called Ringtones.  I’ve put my recordings into “storage-o”

Transfer your exported Audacity recording into that folder!  It’s now available as a ringtone!