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SEO. I don’t get it!

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I haven’t updated my LinkedIn profile in a while and I notice that the H7 community likes LinkedIn.  So I need to do that.  Some people I follow on LinkedIn offer suggestions on how to maximize your impact so I would like to take those suggestions and implement them.

Google Business Profile

The first Google Business review I got was 3 out of 5 stars.  I let that sit for a while all the time wondering what the hell happened.  One day decided to take action…make it “frictionless.”  I found the shortcut on google to point people to my review page and then sent this in a text message:


“Hi  <contact>!   I’m trying to increase my business Google review count!  Would you mind throwing some stars my way?”   {{{some of you on this email have received this message from me!!!}}}


I tracked results and have gotten about a 50% response rate.  (Thanks to Susan and her referral to Greg G. in H7, I’ve learned that’s pretty good.)


I also linked a QR code to that Google review site.  I put a QR shortcut on my cellaphone so when someone asks, hey, thanks what do I owe you?  And my first response is “nothing…glad to do it” but I can now think twice, bring up that QR pic on my phone and say, “just hit me up with some stars!”

Sales Funnels/Micro Websites

I have access to software designed to help you create a sales funnel/Lead generation. 


Some of the things I’m learning to do with it:

Digital Business Card     (In this one, I put in the code to pull in my google reviews!)


Sales funnel:        (also have the google reviews in here…but a different format.)


Lead generation


Here’s a site I put together to replace the static business directory for the Tuesday morning meeting:     (at the very bottom is the fields to enter in your information if you want your business listed.

Domain/Website redirection

Website domain economics is fascinating!  Why can one domain be worth $10 per year ( but another similar domain be $285,000?  (


The other day I bought the domain, “” and redirected it to Vivek Ramaswamy’s fake news debunking website.  (The important thing is if you buy a domain for 1 cent “for the first year” and pay like $12 for 2 years total, be sure to TURN OFF AUTOMATIC RENEWAL.)  


All this to say, you can have many domain names pointed to the same hosting service!    (Notice above I’ve got and    It’s all the same website.)


(((Hey, Cindy, I was curious, went to GoDaddy, and saw that is available for $10.  Apparently .dog is a thing.)))

Website Widgets

I signed on to the Elfsight service be able to bring my Google Reviews into my websites.  Now I want to play with a widget from the same company that incorporates Facebook chat into my website.  I just need to take that plunge!!!