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Voice over IP Gateway

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You’re in a situation where you have a great working telephone system.  It doesn’t have a lot of crazy bells and whistles, but it gets the job done.  Phones ring, calls get transferred, everyone has their own voicemail, etc.  But you hear that you can SAVE MONEY by switching to a new Voice over IP system.  Every sales pitch you listen to ends up the same: You need to REPLACE all your phones and controller box.  That’s NOT saving money!

This is your working system:

Without replacing your current system that is working great, you could instead install a VoIP gateway.  The benefits come when you reduce the number of phone lines you pay for and go with a less-expensive SIP Trunk carrier.  I recommend a hybrid solution (retain one or two of your traditional phone lines and have overflow calls go to the SIP trunk carrier):

In this example, the overflow SIP carrier is Digium Cloud Services with it’s metered SIP trunk offering at one and one-half cents per minute.  It’s easy to do a cost comparison if you can see your current phone bill.  We can compare what you are paying now to what it would cost to buy a gateway and the SIP trunking services.

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